Doris Ivy, also known as Gina Gerson, was a debutant on the girl-girl porn scene in August 2012. Prior to becoming a pornstar, she had various jobs, including waitress, courier, and cleaner. Her small figure and shy look have earned her a reputation as an attractive porn star. However, she was not born in Budapest, Hungary, but instead grew up in Siberia.

Doris Ivy

Doris Ivy

Pornstar Doris Ivy is a petite blonde who has been making millions of men and women happy since the early 2000s. Her perfect teenage body is complemented by her slender waist, tiny perky tits, and cute smile. While she is still a teenager, she has already established herself as a pornstar, and has performed everything from double penetrations to gaping hole sex. Her career as a sex star has spawned many films and videos involving her.

Doris Gerson

Doris Gerson

The young Russian pornstar Gina Ivy (born May 17, 1991) is a popular starlet known for her hardcore and anal sex scenes. She attended a state-run technical school in St. Petersburg, but decided to pursue pornography instead. She began modeling for adult sites and working with various production companies after graduating from high school. Now, Gina Gerson lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Doris Gerson nude model

Doris Gerson nude model

Gina Gerson, also known as Doris Gerson, is a Russian pornstar and nude model. She first entered the porn industry at a young age and has been extremely active ever since. She has performed in several movies and appeared in webcams, but has avoided endorsing any taboo topics. She has appeared in films with Marc Dorcel and Evil Angel, and has worked with a variety of companies.

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Doris Gerson born in Siberia

Gina Gerson, a Russian porn star, was born on May 17, 1991 in Prokopievsk, Siberia. She was raised by her mother and stepfather, and had to move from one place to another as a child. She graduated from high school in 2008 and then attended university in Tomsk, where she majored in International Languages. Her favorite scenes to shoot include double penetration, gang bangs, and anal sex.

Doris Ivy is a bisexual

Gina Gerson is a Russian porn star who is known for her sexy lesbian scenes. Born in 1991, she grew up in a small town in Siberia and attended college in a larger city. She had originally hoped to be a teacher of foreign languages, but porn producers noticed her talent and began filming her pornography. In 2012, she filmed her first porn movie under the name Doris Ivy.

Doris Ivy is a vegetarian

If you’re wondering if Pornstar Gina Gerson is a vegetarian, you’re not alone. There are plenty of famous porn stars who are vegetarian, and some even make the switch. Doris Ivy is one of the most famous porn stars of all time. Gerson is an early bird, born in Siberia, and went on to study management at St. Petersburg University. At the age of 19, she gave up her virginity to her boyfriend and waited 19 years before obtaining her penis. In 2012, she began webcam shows, and her following grew.

Gina Gerson is a vegetarian

While many fetishists may be surprised to find out that Gina Gerson is a vegetarian, the actress and porn star is anything but! In fact, she’s a vegetarian and says that she’s openly bisexual. Gina has a long list of achievements and doesn’t even touch alcohol or drugs, much less consume them. While she’s never been able to stop making love on camera, the actress has exhibited respect for the industry with her actions and words. For example, she’s learned French, Italian, and Hungarian, and even taught herself the basics of Russian and other languages.

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Gina Gerson is a bisexual

Born on May 17, 1991, Gina Gerson is a Russian porn star who is best known for her hot lesbian and gonzo scenes. She began her career as a webcam girl and broke into the porn industry in 2012. Her body is slim and is open to trying any type of sex scene, from double penetration to gang bangs. She has also gone under various aliases.